Fantasy Island 2023 - Cartagena

Cartagena, Cartagena Province, Bolivar, Colombia
THU 19 OCT - MON 23 OCT 2023

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Hotel #2 - Bronze Package- DOUBLE Beds - Standard Rooms-City & Bay View
US$1,280 Per Person

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21 Apr 2023 2nd Payment US$0.00 Overdue
19 May 2023 3rd Payment US$0.00 Overdue
8 Jun 2023 Deposit US$300.00 Due
16 Jun 2023 June - Additional Payment US$150.00
21 Jul 2023 July - Additional Payment US$150.00
18 Aug 2023 August - Additional Payment US$150.00
15 Sep 2023 Balance Remaining

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